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Koronkowski Family

Aimee is a friend of mine and also a local photographer. She just so happens to specialize in newborns, so I am happily referring anyone looking for a newborn photographer her way, AK Photography. Aimee is a great friend but even more so a great mom & wife. Aimee and her husband Adam are doing an amazing job raising their little army of men. Aimee had a vision for a downtown Chicago family session. This is something I normally wouldn't do but I caught her vision pretty early on and we went with it. Aimee did an extraordinary job at styling her family. Every single one of them fit the theme and mood of the photos and Im loving the end result. Aimee's hair and make up was even right on point for these photos (done by Amanda Schoon for Hollywood Salon in Manteno). Its really fun being able to photograph a fellow photographer who notices and cares about those small details such as hair and make up.

Aimee's boys: Josh, Max, & Ben kept me entertained the entire session. These sweet boys were readily handing out the hugs and high fives. I even got a hand hold here and there. They were loving every second of this session and didn't seem to notice the many people stopping to stare and comment on how adorable they were, of course they may be used to that by now. This session was one gigantic success and Im so grateful that Aimee let me be apart of her vision.

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